Teeth Whitening

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are good practices in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. However, if you are unhappy with discoloration of your teeth, you can visit your dentist and ask for the dental procedure called tooth whitening.

Some people might be embarrassed to approach a dentist for teeth whitening. Tempe residents, however, can have regular in-office bleaching with their dentist at A&N Dental! In having an in-office tooth whitening, clients can expect evenly white teeth, which is something that at-home bleaching agents cannot guarantee.

It is best to have your bleaching done by a professional dentist. Teeth whitening done at home can harm sensitive gums and there is also the possibility of “over-bleaching” the teeth if you do it on your own. The professionals here at our office can determine which bleaching agent is perfect for your teeth and gums before you undergo teeth whitening. They can prevent bleaching accidents from happening and ensure a safe and efficient procedure for you.

Teeth whitening in Tempe is the most common procedure that is performed at A&N Dental. It is very successful when under supervised care. In general, most of our patients combine the in-office bleaching with traditional at-home trays so that they can “bump up” their shades every two or three weeks. Long-term success also revolves around your eating and drinking habits. Most patients that drink tea, coffee, or red wine generally whiten every six to 12 months.

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