Does the idea of having wires and brackets make you cringe? Did you wear braces as a teenager and now your teeth are crooked again? Your solution may be Invisalign at A&N Dental Center in Tempe

Invisalign is ideal for patients with misaligned teeth who consider wearing metal braces for long periods inconvenient or unrealistic. Unlike wire braces, Invisalign is easily removable so you can eat, brush your teeth and floss with minimal hassle.

The Invisalign treatment uses top-of-the-line technology to custom-design aligner trays for each patient. You are given a new set every two weeks to facilitate your progress. Computer-aided manufacturing techniques and laser technology create the aligners that are specifically designed only for you.

The aligners are also clear and virtually undetectable, and has none of the discomfort associated with getting used to fixed metal braces. Invisalign offers the same level of results but with a new kind of flexibility and convenience, perfect for today’s active individuals.

The development of crooked or misaligned teeth may have started during younger years. Factors range from childhood habits such as thumb-sucking to simple genetics. Emergence of new growth, such as that of wisdom teeth, may have also thrown previously well-placed teeth into misalignment.

The problem of crooked teeth manifests itself beyond esthetics, however. Studies have shown that a major cause of low self-esteem among many people is an “imperfect” smile. In extreme cases, misaligned teeth may also cause speech disorders.

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